FACE.IT is a personalized facial care system for men.


For 14 weeks, my team was tasked to redesign the facial care routine for men who are busy global business travelers. 



FACE.IT is a customizable facial care system for men complete with a dispenser, a camera that scans the face, and a mobile app that sets a personalized recipe daily based on data of the user’s skin and weather conditions. 

Team members  

Leah Demeter, graphic designer

Fred Tsai, product designer 

Yenju Lai,  product designer



Product Features


facial care platform

The five components that complete the facial care system are:

1.  Smart Camera: scans the face

2.  Dispenser: dispenses the solution

3.  Cartridges: mailed monthly 

4.  TSA-friendly Container: carry on-the-go

5.  Mobile app: controls the device

How the System Works


Device Control


mobile app

The user uses the mobile app to create personalized recipes by factoring in the skin condition specific to the user and geographical data for local weather conditions.

Prototype Mockup

Usability Test



Low-fi to med-fi to high-fi mockups.

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Flow Chart

Play video to see how FACE.IT works. 
(Video length is 4:00)